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The UX of the myBalsamiq icon library

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As the UX designer’s place to get her UX busi­ness on, it seems only fit­ting to give a shout out to the UX of myBal­samiq. Whew. Fantastic tool more or less, so I’ll focus on my favorite part: the icon library. As some­one who gen­er­ally dis­likes emoti­cons I find these icons to be the “bee’s knees,” as Coach Beast would say. They are the per­fect level of res­o­lu­tion for this level of UX work, and way bet­ter than the real thing. Generally, I don’t care for the ‘sketch’ image fea­ture in myBal­samiq. I wish it used more of a pos­ter­ized feel to fit with these icons. Overall though, good times, good times with sketchy icons.

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The UX of Stephen Barta, Genius


Yes, yes, we all know, Apple is the sem­i­nal exam­ple of a com­pany that cre­ates full, sys­temic expe­ri­ences for its users. From the ecosys­tem to the indi­vid­ual user to the object itself, they are mas­ters of com­ple­tion. However, as a fairly advanced but not fanatic user of Apple prod­ucts, I’ve always had issues with the con­cept of the Genius Bar. It makes me uncom­fort­able. I want my com­puter to work always. When there is a prob­lem, I fig­ure it out myself. I don’t want some “genius” telling me the prob­lem is that I use Chrome and I should switch to Safari. I don’t want to feel bad for hav­ing six tabs and three pro­grams open. I don’t want to feel guilty that I have decided not to update my oper­at­ing sys­tem to the one that came out fif­teen min­utes ago. I don’t want to spend two hours with a “genius” in the store that can’t fig­ure out why my screen flick­ers only to leave my com­puter overnight for exten­sive test­ing and wake up to a peppy phone call telling me that noth­ing is wrong with my machine. I shouldn’t feel bad that my com­puter is almost three years old. It’s a com­puter and I use it a lot. I want it to work. Enter Stephen Barta. At the height...

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