The Thumbnail is a Tricky Device

November 28, 2011

I don’t know how long I’ve been ‘zoom­ing out’ to check com­po­si­tion, but it’s a prac­tice I’ve become depen­dent on. I’ve found that move­able thumb­nails can also help you tell a story. To cre­ate a cohe­sive art port­fo­lio a while back, I printed out my top 25 works as 2“x2” paper squares and arranged, rearranged, elim­i­nated, and finally curated a set of 10 that told a story. This actual dis­tance allowed me the per­spec­tive to see what each was visu­ally offering.

This evening I was play­fully tricked by my own device. I glanced down at my com­puter desk­top and won­dered to myself where this cute image of a car­toon blob tak­ing a shower came from. After open­ing it, to my sur­prise, I dis­cov­ered it was an image of a closet I had just screen­cap­tured moments before. I was so tick­led by this thumb­nail mis­in­ter­pre­ta­tion, I had to re-create my imag­i­nary ‘show­er­man blob’ in hopes that some­one else may enjoy my acci­den­tal visual abstraction.


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